A “truth nugget” from the Bible today…

Nuggets… Small things but very precious!

That’s what I came across in my Bible reading this morning during “coffee with the Lord” – a “truth nugget!”
Apostle Paul in Romans 3:3-4 raises the question, “What if God’s people are unfaithful – what if they don’t live up to their covenant responsibilities and fail the Lord? Does that free up God to be unfaithful in response?” (my paraphrase) Paul’s answer to that question is emphatic… “By no means! God remains true to Himself and His word even though everyone else fails and is unfaithful!” (again my paraphrase… but read it for yourself) And this truth nugget is found in more than one place! (I checked it out!) It’s found in 2 Timothy 2:13 which many believe is an excerpt from an ancient church “confession” or “hymn” … “If we are faithless (and fail), He remains faithful – He cannot deny Himself!”
I don’t know about you, but I have a record of failure! I’ve failed the Lord more than once! That’s why I am so encouraged and comforted by this “truth nugget” in the Bible! My failure does not translate into God saying, “Well look at that, Bartel failed again! I guess I don’t have to keep my promises either, I’m free to act out of character as well!” … Listen, even though everyone else fails… He remains faithful! He cannot deny Himself!” Oh my heart is filled with grateful praise this morning to “the One who remains faithful!”

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