He’s EVERYTHING to me!

Sometimes in that strange nether land between being asleep and being awake in the morning things come into your mind seemingly out of nowhere. This morning that happened to me with regard to an old gospel song. For some, this old gospel song will bring back sweet memories and provoke nostalgia. For others, this will be something they’ve never heard before – totally new to them. I haven’s sung this song in years… many years. I can remember singing it in church as a child… It’s good stuff, believe me! It is a great testimony song that those who have experienced salvation through Christ can relate to with all their heart.

I did some checking… The writer of the lyrics, a believer who seems almost unknown except for her date of birth and death, had 167 gospel songs that bear her name (if anyone has additional biographical information I’d be interested in receiving it)… Here is her testimony (and mine) in song…

“In Sin I Once had Wandered”… or “He’s Everything to Me!”
Kate D. Ulmer (1874-1950)

In sin I once had wandered,
All weary, sad, and lone,
Till Jesus through His mercy
Adopted me His own.
E’er since I learned to trust Him,
His grace doth make me free,
And now I feel His pardon,
He’s everything to me!

He’s everything to me!
From sin He sets me free,
His peace and love my portion
Through all eternity!
He’s everything to me,
More than I dreamed could be.
O praise His Name forever!
He’s everything to me!

In sin no more I’ll wander;
He’s Pilot, Friend, and Guide;
He brings me joy and singing;
His Spirit doth abide.
A blessed, loving Savior,
The Lamb of Calvary!
He purchased my redemption.
He’s everything to me!

No longer will I stray from
His tender, loving care;
Like Him to be my purpose,
My aim, my constant prayer.
And when He bids me welcome
Throughout eternity,
I’ll praise His Name forever.
He’s everything to me!

My testimony? He’s EVERYTHING to me!

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