A brief vignette… It can happen at a ladies Bible study…

Ladies Bible Study

A brief vignette based upon my Bible reading this morning…

Lydia was a rich and self-reliant Roman woman… owned her own successful business! She believed in God, but wasn’t a Christ-follower… yet. She was seeking the truth. She periodically met with a group of ladies who happened to believe in Jehovah, the Jewish God. One Saturday morning she went down to a beautiful, quiet place along the river where she regularly met to study the Bible and pray with them. While she was there she happened to meet a couple of men who struck up a conversation with her and the other ladies about one called Jesus. What they had to say just rang true in her heart! It just seemed like the time was right … it was as if God had prepared her for this and opened her heart! She embraced the message they shared with all her heart and was baptized! Ultimately her entire family came to faith in Christ! (Read the entire account in the Bible – Acts 16:11-15)

What’s your story? How did the message of the gospel come to you? How did the Lord prepare your heart to embrace Jesus Christ in faith and begin the adventure of following Him? Are you there yet?

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