I want to be God’s agent to provide someone with an encouraging word today!

Dealing with Discouragement

Your path and mine will cross the path of someone today who is discouraged, despondent, or depressed.  It could be the result of any number of things.  It may be something they say or do that tips you off, it may be simply their countenance.  When that happens, we’ll have an opportunity!  I read about it this morning in the Bible… Proverbs 12:25 to be precise…

“Worry (anxious fear) weighs a person down; but an encouraging word cheers them up.”

I don’t know about you, but my prayer today is that I’ll be an agent of God to do precisely that for someone today!  I’ll be watching for the opportunity and the “nudge” of the Holy Spirit to fulfill that role in someone’s life!  How about you?

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