In a world of moral relativism and deteriorating values Christian people must not compromise the clear teaching of Scripture!

The moral climate in America and around the world today is in serious decline and characterized by relativism and alarming deterioration. What can the righteous do as they seek to live for God in such a world and raise their children?

One thing for sure… they must not compromise the clear teaching of the Bible! They must embrace its moral absolutes and teach them to their children!

Psalm 119:137-144 emphasizes the importance of God’s word in our lives in troubled times…

“Righteous are you, O LORD, and right are your rules. You have appointed your testimonies in righteousness and in all faithfulness… Your promise is well tried, and your servant loves it. I am small and despised, yet I do not forget your precepts. Your righteousness is righteous forever, and your law is true. Trouble and anguish have found me out, but your commandments are my delight. Your testimonies are righteous forever; give me understanding that I may live.” (from Psalm 119:137–144 ESV)

Three analogies about the importance of God’s word in a world like ours came to mind this morning as I read these verses during my time of “coffee with the Lord”…

The teaching of the Bible is like a solid foundation in the shift sands of moral relativism!

God’s word is a mighty rock you can anchor to when the storms of life would seek to destroy your faith!

As you seek to raise your children and gain guidance for your own life, Scripture provides the reliable moral compass that will keep you (and them) on the right track.

So for me, in this world characterized my moral relativism and deteriorating values, I intend to embrace the teaching of Scripture as never before! Will you join me?

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