We face life-challenges every day… Don’t know about you, but I’m going to trust the Lord!

I’m faced with choices in the matter of living every day… so are you! Some choices add adventure to living – others mire us down in the drudgery and discouragement of life. Choices that express optimism or pessimism – hope or uncertainty – confidence or distrust – faith or doubt.

Today, in my Bible reading, I was reminded that faith opens the door to miraculous opportunities in my life: With God involved all things are possible! Nothing is too hard for Him! Doubt leads nowhere and puts a cloud over every problem and makes every opportunity a developing disaster. So… Today during my time of “coffee with the Lord” I reaffirmed my commitment to a “faith walk” – to hope in the Lord and His promises – to confidence in God and His faithfulness!

Here’s what prompted all of that from my Bible reading and reflection…

A little lady who had struggled with a persistent hemorrhage for twelve years and had spent herself destitute seeking medical treatment, pressed through a huge crowd and in faith reached out to just touch the edge of Jesus’ robe. (If anyone would have had a reason to despondency, it would have been her!) And the result? Instantaneous healing! In fact Jesus sensed power had gone out from Him to someone in the press of the crowd. When Jesus asked “Who was it that touched me?” she acknowledged it had been her! Jesus told her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace!”

Back-to-back miracle accounts in the Bible: Jesus had been on his way at the request of a religious leader who had a dying daughter, his only child, when the lady with the hemorrhage had waylaid Him. While he was encouraging her, the report came to the religious leader, “Your daughter has died, do not trouble the Teacher anymore.” But Jesus encouraged the devastated dad, “Do not fear! Only believe, and she will be well.” … Let me tell you, that’s a toughie! But Jesus went to the house, dismissed the doubters, stepped into the room where the dead child was, took the child by her hand, and called out to her, “Child, arise!” Her spirit returned to her body, and she got up at once to the amazement of her parents! (Both stories from Luke 8:41-56 – read ‘em!)

Wow! The possibilities of faith! Don’t know about you, but I’ve decided what I’m going to do as I face life’s challenges and opportunities… I’m going to trust the Lord! I’m going to believe his promises! With His encouragement I’m going to have faith in Him! Nothing is impossible when He’s involved – no situation is too hard for Him!

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