High Praise to the Lord of all the Earth!

Lord of all the earth

One of the things that helps me most in my devotional times is to make the words of Scripture my very own (both in prayer and praise). Words from Psalm 89 (the first 18 verses) were the ones I used today. If I were to give them a caption I’d call them “High Praise to the Lord of all the Earth!” I made them my worship words and high praise today… Let me recommend them to you! They’ll lift your eyes heavenward, strengthen your heart, uplift your spirit, transform your attitudes and catalyze your faith!

“I will sing continually about the LORD’s faithful deeds; to future generations I will proclaim your faithfulness. For I say, ‘Loyal love is permanently established; in the skies you set up your faithfulness.’ O LORD, the heavens praise your amazing deeds, as well as your faithfulness in the angelic assembly. For who in the skies can compare to the LORD? Who is like the LORD among the heavenly beings, a God who is honored in the great angelic assembly, and more awesome than all who surround him? O LORD, sovereign God! Who is strong like you, O LORD? Your faithfulness surrounds you… The heavens belong to you, as does the earth. You made the world and all it contains… Your arm is powerful, your hand strong, your right hand victorious. Equity and justice are the foundation of your throne. Loyal love and faithfulness characterize your rule. How blessed are the people who worship you! O LORD, they experience your favor! They rejoice in your name all day long, and are vindicated by your justice! For you give them splendor and strength. By your favor we are victorious.” (from Psalm 89:1–18 the NET Bible)

Give it a try… Look heavenward! Lift your arms in praise! Make the words of the Psalmist (in this case Ethan the Ezrachite) your very own, speak the words sincerely from your heart, and see what happens!

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