God is the “master restorer!” He can take what has been wasted by sin and bring beauty back again!

God's restoration project

You’ve seen the “before and after” pictures… An old dilapidated house – once beautiful, well furnished, and cared for – but now neglected, bearing the effects of weather and decline, ugly and in disrepair. But someone buys it, sees potential in it, a sign goes up indicating it is a “restoration project”, a contractor” has obtained it and a miracle begins to take shape before your very eyes. Months later… “Open House” is advertised and you visit… Your mouth drops open, there are “Oohs and Ahhs,” … It’s beautiful! The original grandeur of the place has been restored, perhaps even surpassed!

It can happen to a life! It can happen to a church! It can happen to a city and even a nation! God is the “master restorer!” He has the resources – the “capital” to make the necessary investment! He has the time and patience (and it often takes time and patience). He has the skill and the plan (he can see beauty in the most wasted and neglected things that sin has ravaged)! I read about it this morning in the Bible…

“O LORD, you showed favor to your land; you restored the well-being of Jacob. You pardoned the wrongdoing of your people; you forgave all their sin… Restore us, O God our deliverer! … Will you not revive us once more? Then your people will rejoice in you! O LORD, show us your loyal love! Bestow on us your deliverance! 8 I will listen to what God the LORD says. For he will make peace with his people… Yet they must not return to their foolish ways. Certainly his loyal followers will soon experience his deliverance; then his splendor will again appear in our land! Loyal love and faithfulness meet! Deliverance and peace greet each other with a kiss! Faithfulness grows from the ground! And deliverance looks down from the sky! Yes, the LORD will bestow his good blessings! Deliverance goes before him, and prepares a pathway for him.” (from Psalm 85 the NET Bible)

So take heart! The “master restorer” can make what has been wasted by sin into something beautiful again! He can! He has the resources, the ability, the patience and the plan! Just hand him the deed to the property!!

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