Psalm 81:7-16… God is speaking… The question is, who is listening?


God speaking … addressing His very own people – people He rescued and redeemed by His mighty power! Were they listening? That’s what I read about this morning in Psalm 81. As I read it this morning I was reminded of our nation – the United States – a nation with Judeo-Christian roots. I asked myself are we listening? And then I lifted a prayer of repentance and intercession to the Lord on our behalf… Forgive us! Help us! Restore us!

Here’s what God said…

“In your distress you called out and I rescued you! I answered you from a dark thundercloud. I tested you at the waters of Meribah. I said, ‘Listen, my people! I warn you! … But my people did not obey me; they did not submit to me. So I gave them over to their stubborn desires; they did what seemed right to them. If only my people would obey me! If only they would keep my commands! Then I would quickly subdue their enemies and attack their adversaries! … I would feed them with the best wheat and would satisfy their appetite with honey from the rocky cliffs!” (from Psalm 81:7-16 the NET Bible)

But the sad story is, they did not listen! They did not return to the Lord and they suffered severely for it! Oh may we not follow in their footsteps! What am I doing this morning? I’m lifting our nation to the Lord in intercessory prayer! Will you join me?

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