Telling the stories of God’s power, provision and faithfulness to your children!” What a way to pass on the faith!

Telling stories

One of the things I and my brothers, as well as our children and grandchildren, loved to do was listen to my mother tell the wonderful stories of God’s provision, His miracles, His faithfulness over the years since her conversion and her years of ministry and family life.  Dad had wonderful stories to tell as well and we loved to hear him tell them with his heavy German accent.  I thought of that today as I read this passage during my time of “coffee with the Lord.”

“We will tell the next generation about the Lord’s praiseworthy acts, about his strength and the amazing things he has done… so that the next generation, children yet to be born, might know about them! They will grow up and tell their descendants about them.  Then they will place their confidence in God! They will not forget the works of God, and they will obey his commands!” (from Psalm 78:4–7 the NET Bible)

Oh, I’m so glad my parents did that for me!  I’m so glad my children have heard the stories and my grandchildren as well!  What a rich spiritual legacy!  Now, because of God’s faithfulness, Sharon and I have our own stories to tell – stories of miracles, stories of provision, stories of God’s faithfulness.  I’m determined to pass them on!  And I’m banking on the promise of this passage… “Then they will place their confidence in God!  They will not forget the works of God and they will obey His commands!”

Hope you’ve got your own stories to tell… Com’on let’s tell about God’s power and provision to the next generation!

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