Doing what I can is what matters! … A cup of water in His Name

A cup of cold water

This morning during my time of “Coffee with the Lord” I was reminded that little things – simple things – matter to the Lord!

We tend to minimize their importance in what we view as “the grand scheme of things” – God doesn’t. We overlook them and neglect them – God notices. We marginalize them – God rewards them! We look for a celebratory cup of wine – God looks for a simple cup of water.

My hearts cry today? Oh Lord may I learn this lesson that you taught your disciples… “I tell you the truth! Whoever gives a cup of water because you bear Christ’s name will never lose his reward!” (Mark 9:41 the NET Bible) Many of the vaunted “big and grand things” I cannot do… a cup of water I can do. Help me never excuse my inaction with my inability to deliver on “the grand thing!” May I do what I able to do as a simple act of kindness and mercy “in His Name!”

His promise? “It will never lose it’s reward!” That’s enough for me!

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