The pain of betrayal by a friend… Biblical therapy

Betrayal of friendship

One of the most painful experiences a person can have is betrayal by a friend! If you’ve ever experienced it you know how lingering the “stab wound” can be! If you’re not careful it can become an open, festering sore that oozes bitterness.
Jesus experienced it… On two occasions in different ways… the kiss of betrayal from Judas and the denial “I don’t know Him” of Peter.
Today during “coffee with the Lord” I read a psalm that I think can help any of us who’ve ever experienced betrayal by a friend… Pore over it’s words! Reflect on them! And let what they say help bring healing to your “betrayal pain!”
“Listen, O God, to my prayer! Do not ignore my appeal for mercy! Pay attention to me and answer me! I am so upset and distressed, I am beside myself! … Indeed, it is not an enemy who insults me, or else I could bear it; it is not one who hates me who arrogantly taunts me, or else I could hide from him. But it is you, a person like me, my close friend in whom I confided. We would share personal thoughts with each other; in God’s temple we would walk together among the crowd… As for me, I will call out to God, and the LORD will deliver me. During the evening, morning, and noontime I will lament and moan, and he will hear me… Throw your burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you! He will never allow the godly to be up-ended! As for me, I trust in you!” (from Psalm 55 the NET Bible)
Seems to me there is some really good spiritual therapy in those verses! Tell God how you feel (He’s a good listener and therapist!)… express the hurt and pain… and most of all don’t forget to forgive!

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