Worshiping the Lord at the top of my lungs on the way to work!

Singing in the car

It’s Monday morning… beginning of another work week… This is what I read in my Bible this morning during “coffee with the Lord” … seems like an appropriate thing for a Christian to do!

“You who are godly, shout for joy because of the LORD! It is appropriate for the morally upright to offer him praise! Give thanks to the LORD with the harp! Sing to him to the accompaniment of a ten-stringed instrument! Sing to him a new song! Play skillfully as you shout out your praises to him!” (Psalm 33:1-3 the NET Bible)

I can do the first part… can’t do the second. I’ll have to depend on some of the rest of you for that. Sound system in my car will have to provide that part of these verses for me this morning. You don’t want to hear it (but God does!)… Watch for me… I’ll be the one worshipping in my Honda on the way to work at the top of my lungs! (But not like this guy… I’ll keep my eyes open! Relieved?) 🙂

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