“The Lord is MY Shepherd”… A Personal Paraphrase

Going to do a little personal paraphrasing today… Hope it’s a blessing! One of my very favorite passages (and one of the best known) in all the Bible… Psalm 23

“The Lord is my guardian and guide… Because of that I have everything I need!  He leads me to places where I find bounty,blessing and peace.  He restores and refreshes me when I am physically, emotionally, and spiritually spent!  He leads in the way I ought to go so that my life is honoring to Him.

“Even when I face challenges and circumstances in my daily walk with Him that seem as dark as death itself… I don’t have to be afraid!  I know that You are with me Lord!  You are there to what a shepherd does… guiding and guarding all the way.

“Even when enemies surround me you have a wonderful way of providing a table filled with bountiful blessing!  If I’m wounded you have just the salve I need to bring healing!  My cup of blessing overflows!  And I’m confident of this fact… Your goodness and steadfast love (yes, your covenant love) will be there for me every day I live… and beyond this life?  The confident hope of spending eternity with you in Heaven!”

Yes, I just LOVE that Psalm… Hope I did it justice!   It was part of my Bible reading today.  Sometimes it just helps to do a personal paraphrase…  Oh, and “The Lord IS my Shepherd!!” 

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