Do you have access to a person of influence? Christians do!

Do you know a person of influence?  What level of access to do you have to them?  Do you have to send a letter? Can you get a response from them with an e-mail?  Could you pick up the phone and call them?  Would you have to go through a secretary?  Do you have their personal cell number?  Would they respond to a text message that you sent them right away?  Would they have time for you if you just dropped by to see them?  Do they ever pick up the phone just to call you?

Good questions eh?  Everyone needs to know a person of influence!  They can help you when you have a problem.  They can get things done!  They have connections!  When they speak or act things happen!  I know a humble pastor in a foreign country with restrictive laws about proselytizing.  He answered a question a person asked him about becoming a Christian… it was a setup!  He was jailed.  Fortunately he had a person in his church who knew the king of that country and had influence… That person appealed to the king and he was released.

Common people – ordinary people – humble people often have no one of influence to help them!  What a tragedy!  Without help, they can be victimized and oppressed!  Blessed is the leader – the person of influence – who understands their God-given role to be that of helping those without a voice, without power, without protection, and without influence!

Good news!  Those who worship the Living God – those who are Christ followers – always have a Person of influence they can appeal to!  I read these wonderful words today during my time of “Coffee with the Lord” …

“This is what the High and Exalted One says – the One who rules forever – whose name is Holy: ‘I dwell in an exalted and holy place, but also with the discouraged and humiliated, in order to cheer up the humiliated and to encourage the discouraged!’” (Isaiah 57:15 the NET Bible)

The New Testament assures the humblest Christ follower that “we have boldness and confident access to God because of Christ’s faithfulness!” (Ephesians 3:12).  Because of Jesus – in His name – I can enter the heavenly throne room without fear and approach the King of Kings and Lord of all Lords with the unashamed cry of a needy child… “Heavenly Father!”  (“Abba!” … Daddy!)

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