Psalm 1 … On living a “blessed,” fruitful life!

apple tree CherriesI

n my Bible reading during “coffee with the Lord” today I began reading the Psalms again. I don’t know how many times I’ve read Psalm 1 over the years but today it was as fresh and refreshing as any time I can remember…

I’m going to try to capture the wonderful nuances of just the first phrase… Here’s my stab at it…

The NET Bible (a translation done by wonderful scholars and available free online) says this about the word “blessed”: “The Hebrew noun is an abstract plural. The word often refers metonymically to the happiness that God-given security and prosperity produce.”

So you could say something like this… “Oh the wonderful, bountiful blessings that come to the person who… refuse to live by the advice of the wicked, or follow the path of sinners, or hang out with those who mock God and laugh at righteousness… Instead? They find great pleasure in living by God’s word and constantly thinking about the wonderful things it teaches!”

And the imagery to illustrate it… Oh the wonderful imagery! … “That person is like a green, flourishing, fruit tree – heavy with fruit. It never fails to yield a bountiful crop – does it when it should – and does it in spite of difficult circumstances or hot weather. Its roots are deep beside a nourishing stream!”

My paraphrase… But hey, I want to live like that don’t you?! Believe me, I don’t want to be like the other image in the Psalm… “The wicked are not at all like that! They’re like ‘chaff” which the wind drives away!” Look up the word! It’s a farm term for stuff that is thrown or blown away!

Oh, I love God’s word! Don’t you?!

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