The “heat” that life brings can be oppressive at times… He provides “shade!”

Oppresive heat

The heat that life brings can be oppressive at times… like living in an oven – one difficult thing after another until it seems almost impossible to breathe. Will it never stop! Perhaps that’s where you are right now…

I read these words in the Bible during my time of “coffee with the Lord” … perhaps they were for you! (I know they encouraged me! … “Oppressive heat” is not the only imagery in the passage, but its one of them)

“O Lord, you are my God! I will exalt you in praise! I will extol your fame! For you have done extraordinary things and executed plans made long ago exactly as you decreed… You are a protector for the poor, a protector for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the rainstorm, a shade from the heat… just as the shadow of a cloud causes the heat to subside, so You cause the song of tyrants to cease… You will swallow up death permanently! The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from every face… At that time we will say, ‘Look, here is our God! We waited for Him and He delivered us! Here is the Lord! We waited for Him. Let’s rejoice and celebrate His deliverance!” (from Isaiah 25 in the NET Bible)

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