Thankful this morning for “beatitude people” I know…

This morning as I read the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12) during my time of “Coffee with the Lord” I was reminded of the good, godly people I know and how God has blessed them.

Most of these wonderful people would not think of themselves as “good” (although everyone who is around them, and knows them, certainly would!). They exemplify the best in human virtue. They understand and insist that any goodness they have comes from the Lord’s influence within their lives. They are a blessing to their spouse (if they have one), their family, their friends and business associates, their church and their entire community (they’re even a blessing to their enemies)! Some of them are preachers… but the great majority of the ones I know are humble, godly laypeople.

These people, according to Matthew, are “the poor in Spirit (i.e. they understand that apart from God they are nothing – they are in spiritual poverty), they mourn, they’re meek, they hunger and thirst for righteousness, they’re merciful, they are pure in heart, they’re the peacemakers, they’ve been persecuted for righteousness sake, they’ve had people say all kinds of evil things about them falsely” (and they’ve blessed their persecutors in return). Good, godly people by the grace of God! “Blessed” people! A blessing to me and everyone around them and blessed by God!

This morning during my time of devotions I came up with a personal list of about ten that I know (I am sure there are more that will come to mind). I’m going to first of all thank God for them! But secondly, I’m determined that I’m going to find a time, place and way to personally express to them my admiration and appreciation. And finally? I want their example to impact my life! I want to be like them, don’t you?”

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