From eternity past into eternity future… The Jesus story! A manger and beyond! … His eternal kingdom

The empty mangerNew World

At the second coming of Jesus, He is not simply returning to catch away His devoted, obedient followers to be with Him in Heaven forever… He is coming back to take over!!

At the close of this calendar year again there is much talk about the sad state of affairs in our world. Evil abounds, injustice is rampant, oppression is real and leadership is often corrupt or incompetent… things often seem to be spinning out of control! Thank God for righteous, loving people who are “salt and light” in our world! But ultimately there is only one solution to our dilemma – the return of Christ and His eternal kingdom and universal reign! This could be the year!!

Here is how the prophet Daniel framed it…

“I saw in the night visions, and behold, with the clouds of heaven there came one like a Son of Man, and he came to the Ancient of Days and was presented before him. And to him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve him; his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom one that shall not be destroyed!” (Daniel 7:13–14 ESV)

The last book of the Bible confirms this coming reality…

“Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, saying, ‘The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign forever and ever!’” (Revelation 11:15 ESV)

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, ‘Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.’ 5 And he who was seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new!’ Also he said, ‘Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true!”’ (Revelation 21:1–5 ESV)

“Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb through the middle of the street of the city [the New Jerusalem]; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. No longer will there be anything accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will worship him. They will see His face, and His name will be on their foreheads. 5 And night will be no more. They will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever!” (Revelation 22:1-5 ESV)

So here’s the deal… From eternity past, one day in Bethlehem God revealed Himself as a babe in a manger, fully identifying Himself with humanity! He lived among us, ministered to us, and died for our sin on the cross. Then He rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. One day soon He will return, take His devoted obedient followers (dead and alive) to be with Him forever, and establish His eternal, universal, cosmic Kingdom! Wow! I want to be ready! It could happen today! It could happen in 2015! Happy New Year!

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