From eternity past into eternity future… The Jesus story! A manger and beyond… Christmas Day!

The empty manger

From eternity past into eternity future… “The Jesus story! A manger and beyond!” That’s going to be the theme of my reflections in “Coffee with the Lord” this entire week – from Christmas through New Year’s Eve.

This Christmas morning I’m reflecting on “His miraculous birth!”

John 1:1-14 clearly teaches that Jesus – the One referred to in the passage as “the Word” – existed in eternity past with “the Father!” In other words, Bethlehem – the manger, was NOT His beginning! It was simply His manifestation to the world! God manifesting Himself in flesh – deity assuming humanity! And why? So that we could see what God was really like! So that, in a few years, He could offer Himself as the sacrifice for our sin and conquer death on our behalf!

Oh, and what a miraculous thing His birth in Bethlehem turned out to be! First of all, the fulfillment of hundreds of prophecies… all the way from the place and the person who would bear the fetus … to what He would do and the ultimate role He would fulfill in history! I mean conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of a chaste virgin… (miraculous!). The grand announcement of His birth by an angelic host to humble shepherds on a Judean hillside… (miraculous!). The supernatural sign in the sky (the “star”) and the gathering of wise sages (kings) from countries afar to bring Him gifts… (miraculous!). His divine protection from Herod’s plot provoked by insane jealous fear… (miraculous!).

So here I am this Christmas morning worshipping the One our Heavenly Father sent to earth to redeem us… Reflecting on the wonderful and miraculous nature of His birth – The One who existed before time, was active at creation, and Who came to us in human history in Bethlehem… born in a manger! Wow! “Oh come let us adore Him… Christ the Lord!”

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