Serving the Lord? … I’m “all in!”

People serve the Lord in a variety of ways… some reluctantly, halfheartedly, with reservations – others with all their heart, as some have said, “all in!”
A passage I read this morning during “coffee with the Lord” addressed this issue… This is what the Bible says about Amaziah, king of Judah… “Amaziah did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, yet not with a whole heart.” (2 Chronicles 25:2)
I remarked to my brother, Wes and his wife Dianne, this morning who are with us for Thanksgiving break, “That is NOT the way to serve the Lord! I do NOT want to serve the Lord that way!”
Interestingly, reports are that football players who play the game cautiously, with self preservation as their motive, and not with abandon are the most susceptible to injury. It’s the same in many ways with discipleship… those who do not sell out to the Lord and serve Him with a whole heart are the most susceptible to temptation, self-occupation, sin and failure! Read the sad story of Amaziah in 2 Chronicles 25… he illustrates the risks and danger.
So I’ve decided once again… I’m “all in!” I don’t want any hidden reserves! I’m not going to serve the Lord half-heartedly – cautiously. To the best of my ability He’s got my all… with all my heart… regardless of the cost.

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