“When I think about the Lord… it makes me wanna shout, Hallelujah! …”

Sometimes the words of a great worship song and what a passage of Scripture says just come together when you’re having devotions… That happened for me today…
I was reading the account of God’s covenant blessing upon King David… David had expressed a desire to “build a house” (a beautiful temple) for the Lord. The Lord had responded to the prophet, “Go and tell my servant David, ‘Thus says the Lord: It is not you will build me a house to dwell in… I declare unto you that the Lord will build you a house!” (1 Chronicles 17:4 & 10) And between those two statements is a wonderful, awesome description of God’s covenant blessing, love and grace! (You really should read it in your Bible – It’s awesome!)
David’s response?
“And what more can David say to you for honoring your servant? For you know your servant! … There is none like you, O Lord, and there is no God besides you, according to all that we have heard with our ears! … And now, O Lord, let the word that you have spoken concerning your servant and concerning his house be established forever, and do as you have spoken.” (from 1 Chronicles 17:16-27) David was blown away by God’s grace and goodness! He just sat down and offered prayer and praise!
I felt that way this morning when I thought about God’s blessing, grace and mercy upon my life! Oh yeah, the worship song that came to mind? Hillsong worship…
“When I Think about the Lord,
How He saved me, how He raised me,
How He filled me, with the Holy Ghost.
How He healed me, to the uttermost.
When I Think about the Lord,
How He picked me up and turned me around,
How He placed my feet on solid ground
It makes me wanna shout,
Thank you JESUS,
LORD, your worthy, of all the glory, and all the honor,
And all the praise…”

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