I’m impressed by the impact ordinary people (even children) can have for God!

I was so impressed this morning in my Bible reading by the impact ordinary people (even children) can make for the Lord in significant and sensitive contexts!

Syria had invaded Israel and among its captives had been a little unnamed servant girl! She had been brought into the home of a powerful military leader, Naaman by name. This young girl served Naaman’s wife as a mere household slave… faithfully fulfilling all kinds of household duties.

Naaman was a military leader in Syria of great distinction – in the words of Scripture, “a great man…a mighty man of valor.” But he was facing a crisis of gigantic proportions… He had contracted leprosy. The dreaded disease threatened his marriage, his home life, his social life and his military future. I’m sure his wife was beside herself with worry. The king was equally concerned… he risked losing a key military leader.

In a moment of frustration and worry Naaman’s wife may have let her deep concern about the situation slip out in the presence of the little Israelite slave girl. What to do? How to help? The only things she knew to say was, “Would that my lord were with the prophet who is in Samaria! He would cure him of his leprosy!”

God used that brief testimony for His glory! A pagan leader was exposed to the power of the living God and was healed! Read the entire story in 2 Kings 5:1-14.

Here’s the question that came to my mind: Is it possible that there are other individuals like the little servant girl that God may have strategically placed in important and sensitive places in our world? Places where you and I do not have access, but places where God has positioned an ordinary person (even a child) to be his agent to strategically touch a life… A 3rd grader who speaks a word of encouragement and witness to a teacher whose marriage is unraveling… A high school soccer player who takes a stand for Jesus before a godless coach… a minimum wage employee who evidences integrity in a hell-hole of a work environment… A custodian who works in a government building and offers to pray with a legislator? Who knows whom God will use for His glory today… I want to be ready, don’t you?

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