On “making a scene” …

Luke 18:35-43 has this wonderful story of a blind person (Mark 10 gives his name – Bartimaeus) near Jericho, who hears the commotion of a large crowd coming his way. He asks someone nearby, what Is going on and is told, “Jesus, of Nazareth, is passing by!” Bartimaeus has heard about Jesus! He performs miracles! He heals people! He thinks, “Jesus healed others… perhaps he would heal me!” He decides he’s going to find out and knows he’s got to try to get the attention of Jesus… He begins to yell out at the top of his voice… “Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me!”

Now here’s my warped sense of humor sneaks through…

When I was a boy growing up, I watched my little brother Wes, act up in a store and begin to yell. Mom, in rather harsh voice, told him, “Be quiet! You’re making a scene!”

I mean, can you imagine a blind man, being told, “Be quiet! You’re making a scene!” But that is exactly what may have happened…

But Bartimaeus, kept it up… He didn’t stop “making a scene”! At any rate, Jesus heard him, stopped, and had someone bring Bartimaeus to him. Jesus asked him what he wanted and he said, “Lord, let me recover my sight!”

What Jesus said in response is telling (and the topic of my little reflection today)… Jesus told Bartimaeus, “Recover your sight! Your faith has made you well!” And Bartimaeus was immediately healed!

Perhaps you’ve been unwilling to give up about an impossible situation you’re facing – You keep praying! You keep asking people to pray with you, and for you, about it! If there is a healing service or an “anointing time” at your church you keep going forward! You’ve been known to even keep asking your pastor to pray with you about your situation… You’ve been “Making a bit of a scene” so to speak…

My advice? … Don’t give up! Jesus acknowledged that “behind the scene” Bartimeaus was making, was a significant expression of faith… He told him “Your faith has made you well!” If I were you I’d keep praying! I’d keep asking people to pray for me and with me! I’d even continue asking the pastor to pray with me about the situation. I’d keep “making a scene”… You just may hear the Savior say, “Your faith has made you well!”

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