An Encouraging “Sip” from My Time of “Coffee with the Lord!”

“The Lord WILL NOT forsake His people!  He WILL NOT abandon His heritage!  Justice will return to the righteous and all the upright in heart will follow it!” (From Psalm 94:14-15 ESV)

Slipping! Falling!! … And He’s There!!!

Some of my friends are really going through times of trial, discouragement and difficulty right now … all happiness has evaporated, despondency has set it… The temptation is to simply give up hope and throw up your hands in despair!

Thought of them this morning as I read the encouraging message of Psalm 94.18-19 from the New Living Translation…

“I cried out, ‘I am slipping!’  But your unfailing love, O Lord supported me!  When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer!”

It’s a wonderful thing to discover at our lowest moment that the Lord is there!  We flail around frantically wondering if we’re going to make it – feeling like there is no hope.  A cry arises in our hearts… “Help me Lord!”  AND HE’S THERE! … He supports and helps us … and marvel of marvels, we make it!  Praise the Lord?  Ever have it happen?

“A Song for the Sabbath” (and More)!

Psalm 92 – The traditional title? “A Song for the Sabbath” (Christians would use the term “The Lord’s Day!”)

It was part of my Bible reading today during my time of “coffee with the Lord!” Let me encourage you to pause now, get your Bible and read it for yourself!

Here’s my personal paraphrase of its message…. I’m going to sing – TODAY – EVERY DAY! I’m going to declare Your “steadfast love” ALL DAY LONG – ALL LIFE LONG! I’m going to think about You, Lord, and all you’ve done for me! I’m going to do it today – and every day – MY ENTIRE LIFE!

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