“Living By the Nudge”

Some of my Facebook friends are aware of the fact that I am a strong advocate of “LIVING BY THE NUDGE” (i.e. living and walking by/in the Spirit… Galatians 5.16; Romans 8.1-14)

I define “the nudge” as … “The sweet, sensitive and significant impressions of the Holy Spirit within the Christian’s life that would guide him/her to act, speak, behave and serve in keeping with the redemptive purposes and will of God.”

I read a passage of Scripture from the book of Acts in the New Testament this morning during “coffee with the Lord” that perfectly illustrates “the nudge”!!!  Acts 8.26-40 (the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch…

Philip, a Spirit-filled Christian, is on his way from Jerusalem to Gaza, directed by the Lord.  An important official from Ethiopia is traveling down the same road in his chariot.  He apparently is a “God-fearer” – a gentile who worships Jehovah (but is NOT a Christian).  He happens to be reading the Book of Isaiah the prophet in his chariot.  The Bible says, “The Spirit told Philip, ‘Go to that chariot and stay near it’ (“the nudge”!).  Philip hears the man reading from Isaiah, asks him if he understands it, and then began with the very passage he was reading and told him the good news about Jesus!” The Ethopian official puts his trust in Christ and a little later down the road is baptized as a believer!

Wow!!  I want to live with that degree of Spiritual sensitivity and awareness!!  I want to “live by the nudge” every day – don’t you?!! 

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